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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  December 10, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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did you see it? it is still not officially winter but don't tell that to mother nature as parts of our area get hit with some surprise snow toy. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. it didn't fall hard and it didn't fall ng but for many this was the first snow of the season. for some it caused quite a mess. veronica johnson will have more on the snow and whether we can expect anymore. first we check in with julie carey where the snow wreaked havoc on some roads. >> hi there. that's the best description of it. it was really a surprise snow. no, it didn't last long and didn't stack up much. just these little remnants of it. but it was enough to ice up the roads and cause dozens of accidents, including one that had i-270 closed for time. snarling traic for miles. take a look at this video now. you can see the snow was stacked up a little bit on the median's
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jersey barrier. that'shere a number of cars ended up after spinning out. maryland state police say they handled some 22 accidts. most of those between 11:30 and 1:00 in the afternoon. montgomery county police handled more than two dozen. most of them concentrated in the northern end of the county. drivers say once the snow started falling, the roads got icy so it seemed a hard tap on the brakes and the spin out started. many we encountered along i-270 were chain reactions. the worst one we found happen at i-270 and route 109 near the montgomery county-frederick county line. four cars game victims of an icy overpass. that'shen the interstate had to be closed. and was probably closed down for about an hour before they reopen it. the good news in all of this, serious accidents to report. coming up on news4 at 5:00, you'll hear fm some of those drivers who certainly were not welcoming this first snow of the season.
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back to you. >> all right. thank you. the question now, are we out of the woods? and what can we expect this weekend? >> meteorologist veronica johnson is live in the storm center. what about that? >> thanks a lot, jim and pat. i think we're out of woods for the next 24 hours. perhaps even 36. but on the other side of sunday late in early monday, i think we could see more of what we saw this morning. only in a bigger area. just to the north and west d.c. what we had this morning, those are the kinds of systems that are really hard to get a handle on. the kind that are very small and only affect a handful of counties and they did this morning. loudoun county, montgomery county, frederick, howard, carroll, toward baltimore. today near 40 degrees with some morning snow showers. keep your eye on the beginning of this track right around ohio. this ithe system this morning that came through herewith a wave of snow. now, a lot of times these thing on the computer guidance we look at, a lot of times they dry up
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and that's what the thinking was with this little wave of energy as it came across. it did. it held together. hit enough moisture where around northwt d.c., all we had was a few flurries. meanwhile up north, you saw what freezing by 9:00 and below that by 11:00. on the flip side, tomorrow we'll see temperatures holding steady and maybe even rising slightly. so your fast forecast, dry, mild it is for saturday after a cold overnight again. and then we've got rain and some
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windconditions. and some light snow to talk. about you have to stick around for this one. >> thanks. if you have any pictures of snow or any other weather pictures you would like to share with us, we would like you to send them to us. e-mail them to weather at cold weather on water mains today keeping repair crews around our area very busy. one of the latest breaks. bethesda county where many were left without water including buying water from their local grocery store. >> something you can control. do you the best you can. you prepare as well as you can. we keep deep water in the kettles. it is out of our controls. >> a represtative for the washington suburban sanitation commission tells us that the breaks are because of the low temperature and the age of the pipes there.
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they say they're doing the best they can to keep up. >> eight years after her kidnapping, a verdict. the man accud of abducting elizabeth smart from her uah home was found guilty today. the verdict ends an emotional five-week trial where some of the most grippingestimony came from smart herself. >> reporter: guilty. that's the word elizabeth smart and her family have waited more than eight years to he. in a trial that has been filled with emotion, outbursts and drama, self-proclaimed profit brian david mitchell was found guilty for the 2002 kidnapping of then 14-year-old elizabeth smart. >> we are very pleased that the jury reached the verdict they did, finding the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. >> f 20 days, jurors listened to dramatic and often emotional testimony. the horrifying moments of the abduction. smart taken at knife point from her salt lake city bedroom. details of the nine months
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elizabeth smart was held against her will. during the testimony, the now 23-year-old smart told the court how mitchell threatened to kill her and her family if she tried toescape. her courage and candor on the stand and inspiration to those trying the case. >> the beginning and the end of this story is attributable to a woman with extraordinary courage and extraordinary determination. and that's elizabeth smart. >> defense attorneried to claim mitchell is mentally ill. but prosecutors don't. they claim he is faking his illness and is a sexual predator. smart herself has said that she is determined not to let this experience define her. speaking at a 2009 women's conference. >> i just have never let it hold me back. and i have gone on to do everything so far that i have wanted to do. and i think that's so important. >> reporter: a demonstration of strength out of an experience with evil.
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kirk gregory, n news. >> mitchell faces life in prison when he is sentenced in may. his estranged wife pleaded guilty last year to her role in the smart case. police in new york are investigating the death of a fashion designer from northern virginia. -year-old sylvie cachay was covered partially clothed in a full bathtub around 3:00 a.m. yesterday. she has dual citizenship a split her time between peru and mclean, virginia. she attended design school in paris and then came back the states and attended marymount university in arlington where she excelled in design. cachey has worked for victoria's secret and anne cole. she also began her own line of swim wear. a former professor said she will be missed. >> it is a tragedy. i feel so badly for her family. the faculty here at marymound are quite saddened as well.
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>> police are questioning her boyfriend, nicholas brooks. he is the son of songwriter joseph brooks who wrote the hit tune, "you light up my life." two walt whitman high school students are under arrest this afternoon. police say they were caught carrying stun gun on campus. it all happened before 11:00 this morning at the school located off whittier boulevard in bethesda. police say two 14-year-old students were found with atun gun in their possession. school security and a resource officer recovered the weapon after another student at the school gave them a tip. both of the 14-year-olds areow charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on sool grounds. the alexania city council is considering a american that you are would require handicapped drivers to pay for parking. cityfficials say the commission on persons with disabilities i drafting the plan. currently, 2% of the city's parking spots reserved for disabl drivers.
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the city says it is meant to increase that number along with regular parking spots, too. the proposal includes adding special meters for disabled drivers and extended time to park. councilmembers will make the final decision on thelan this january. 8,600. that's how many drivers have been captured by speed cameras in college park in the past month. their three camera across the city. the one at the university of maryland apparently flashes the most. the prize? you get a $40 ticket. a fourth speed cera is scheduled to be installed next week along route one. snow flurries made for some tricky driving earlier. lets headout to see how traffic is moving this afternoon. >> what's the latest? >> it looks like you'll see some slow traffic if you're checking out the american legion bridge. this is the shot of the chstmas tree. you can see we did get a little snow out there. taking a look at the right side of the screen. you s the outer loop of the
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beltway going toward tyson's attorney. obviously, some pretty slow traffic coming off the 270. what you see on the left side, the traffic got started. there was an earlier crash near 66 that was an overturned sprek had much of the roadway tken away. that's now clear. it looks like allane will be open. let's move to springfield itself. 95 southbound seeing no delays whatsoever in the camera on the right side. things moving pretty well. the first delay will b on the river bridge but then you'll be in delays. it will take you toward quantico. overall, all the lanes are open on the majorinterstates and so far moving pretty well. let's get back to you in the studio. >> thanks. when we come right back on news4, a rough reception for the royals as they travel through the streets of london. we'll have the latest on their frightening ride. the tax deal the president cut with republica could come up for a vote next wk.
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will he get democrats in his own party to vote for it? >> and the virginia suburb of ashburn. not too proud of this distinction. arded it by a business magazine.
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now to t latest of the tax cut battle.
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bernie sanders has been the president's most vocal critic. he's been on the floor all day long blasting the plan. it is not a filibusterin the true sense because no votes were scheduled. in the meantime, the president is predicting the tax cut extension will pass. >> unconscionable. >> reporter: critics stay president's tax cut compromise with republicans wt to talk it to death. >> we can do better. >> reporter: house democrats have grounded t deal. >> it's oprawinfrey and santa claus. everybody gets a tax cut. >> reporter: now senate democrats are piling on. >> we need to call the president to write the president, to work with the president, to say no deal. and that this has to be something very different from what it is now. >> reporter: with the holidays and the end of the lame duck congress approaching, critics are convinced they can pressure the gop into a better deal than the president did. >> he is saying, well, i had to give in. you don't ha to give in.
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>> reporter: the white house is trying to sell the deal as a win. middle class tax cuts, jobless benefits, and increased take-home pay. the price? president obama tells npr he had to give in to republican demands to help the wealthy, too. >> the problem is that this is the single issue that the republicans are willingto scotch the entire deal for. >> reporter: meanwhile the president had a private sit-down with former president clinton who knows what it is like to lose the majority and take fire from his own troops. if democrats can get a better deal from republicans, the white house says it will be happy to jump aboard. on capitol hill, news4. president obama requested today's meeting with the former president. white house officials would not be specific about the topic of the meing but analysts say the timing suggests he's asking for advice and the tax cut battle is sure to come up in conversation. back in 1994, mr. clinton
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underwent his own mid-term quote shellacking. he med to the ceer in one election in 1996. opponents of the military's don't ask don't tell policy say a repeal is still possibl before the lame duck congress of session ends. yesterdaan amendment that would have reappealed don't ask don't tell failed in the senate but the vote was closed. there is a possibilityhat a stand alone measure with bipartisan support could move ahead. connecticut senator joe lieberman and maine senator susan collins have promised to bring it up for another vote before the lame duck session is out. >> it is day three of our 12 days of giving. each day we introduce to you a nonpfit that needs volunteers and donations. today's group is called artstream. an portion uses art to heal, encourage and inspire.
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volunteers are manning our phone banks this afternoon. 202-86-86. nbc 4 is the group to call. it helps ease the pressure caused by illness and disability. joining us is nick lettearns whose co-founder. and welcome to news4. how many artists did you have and how did you get this group started? >> we started this group about five and a half years ago based on what we saw a tremendous need to bring the arts into the community and specifically into underserved mmunities. we work with kids with caer, veterans, and we have a lot of artist that's work with us. we contract out. we often say we have the most compassionate artists in montgory county who work with us. od at what they do. experts in their field but also well trained to know how to work with different populations. >> tell us about the programs. do you productions.
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you put on plays such as the one we see here but that's not all you do. >> no. that's a big part of what we do. we use puppetry. we have programs where we work with kids with cancer. we go into the hospital with the kids, we actually made a film based on one of our program. we have one-on-one social skills training. we have well trained artists that will go to a client's hole and help them work with anything from what tdo at a party. >> and your clients are seniors, they're children, veterans. >> they're children, seniors, veterans. sotime we train teachers. we work with chides are adopted. we work kids in foster care. we believe that the art should be accessible to everyone. >> is there a fee for your services? >> we do charge a fee but we try to keep it very reasonable. even in this economy we're doing r best to keep them available
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for everybody. >> how important is art for people who are suffering loss and illness? >> it is huge and often something that's overlooked. we see it every day. we see anecdotal evidence from child who is suffering from cancer who is so excited to come and play in a puppetry situation. or for someone who is grieving, through theater, dance, poetry, but also to heal from it. sot is therapeutic without being therapy. >> sounds like wonderful work. you need volunteers and you need donations. >> we do. we have an incredible bas of students that we work with. college students, seniors, volunteers that come and dance and sing with us. but we alsoo need donations. and no amount is too small. we appreciate everything and anything people can do to help support our program. >> all right. thank yofor being with us.
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if you can help, call the phone bank. coming up, bifggest loser jillian michaels announces plans to leave the show. what do the egg grade stamps really mean? that's the question comi up. ñ
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've had a little mixed weather bag today. the surprise. >> yes, we did. >> we don't like surprises but every now and then there are one of these little ripples. like micro forecasting for a small little region. and one of those happened this morning. to get you prepared on what's coming up, we're taing about another event. with a stronger system afecting a bigger area. those are much, much easier to forecast even days out. we're talking about the time period, saturd, starting midnight andoing right through this part of sunday. with the onset of that system, that's when we could have a little of our western suburbs and then early monday morning or late sunday when it moves out.
4:24 pm
38 is the temperature. we've got enough wind out of the south. enough wind to produce a windchill reading right now of 33 degrees. skews again are mostly cloudy out there right now. here's a look at your radar. dry right now. i don't expect to see anything on this until we get to very late in the day on saturday. it will be moving from the south. we've got the system coming to us twofold. the bigger part from the west. en trying to develop off the mid-atlantic coast on sunday. thurmont, 28 degrees. you squeezed out .03 of an inch of moistur today. moisture if you will. precipitation. 28 to 27 degrees early tomorrow morning. here's what will be going on. we'll see a little clearing overnight and then pick up some clouds the early part of the day tomorrow. and then more clouds as the day unfolds. while w have one little system, the stronger part is here. this will be a very fast moving
4:25 pm
system coming across into our area with low pressure developing off the coast. and really kind. aiding the storm. so there will be plenty going. on cold conditions right now. here's how it plays out. mild conditions ahead of that syst. there's cold front that comes to our area. that is prior to 8:00. about 6:00. frigid air. do i mean frigid air will come racing in behind it. here's the micro cast. i've zoomed in on our area. this is late in the day on saturday. 7:00 p.m. we're dry saturday. mild. but overcast. get some rain at the onset, midnight. sunday, 12:00 a.m. some of the valleys west. some of the low spots, west, too. a little freezing rain mixing with the rain. predominantly rain throughout the day and a half inch. then off tthe west, that stuff you see there, that's the cold air trying to change the precipitation over to snow. i do think we could have some early monday morning. you'll want to stick around for my next weather hit to see what i'm calling for in some of those counties. for us, 30 to 35 degrees for the
4:26 pm
evening. for tomorrow morning, another cold start. a little better than it's been around here for sure. the light winds, 22 to 27 degrees. by the afternoon tomorrow, look at that. 42 to47. my goodness. i'm not sure what i going to do but i will going to plan something outside. i'm so tired of the cold. and then some flurries posted for monday. light snow a little further to the north and we. 29. there's your tease for tuesday. wait until you see the extended forecast. >> the wind is ripping back on us. >> we've had so many windy cold days. next week, watch out. >> thanks for the warning. still to come at 4:00, a close call for the future kicng england andhis wife. and wash your mouth, ashburn, virginia.
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welcome back at 4:30. >> in london, a paint spltered car and a broken window were left behind after an alleged attack on prince charles. last night an angry mob of protesters attacked a car bearing the prince and his wife camilla. >> the royal family wasn't hurt
4:30 pm
but it appears the reputation of their royal security has been. peter alexander has the latest from london. >> reporter: it was hardlyhe royal treatment. student demonstrators pounded it with windows, with paint, even shouting off with their heads. chaos cptured on cell phone video. the stunned charles and his wife camilla both in full formal attire headed to charity event in the famed west end. >> the responsibility of the security is to keep their chars safe. and this could have been a lot, lot worse than it was. >> reporter: the couple wasn't hurt but the duchess of cornwall was visibly rattled. >> camilla was shaken to the core. she came into the theater. she was guided straight through and let's just say a stiff brandy was administered. >> reporter: all across london thursday, students protested
4:31 pm
while the government voted to nearly triple college tuition in a country where college had long en free. the mayhem spread into one of the most popular tourist areas packed with christmas shoppers. least a dozen officers injured. there were more than 40 arrests. today the head of the metropolitan police said the route had been checked as the royals went through but it was both safe and clear. he added the royal police used restraintswithout opening fire on the protesters. peter alexander, nbc news, london. buckingham palace does not come about royal security procedures but security experts stay prince was lucky to have escaped unharmed. expert also warned that procedures have to be radically improved before prince william's wedding to kate middleton at london's westminister abby in april. for the second year in a row, a northern virginia town has been labelled the most obscene place in america. that's according to business
4:32 pm
insider magazine which ranked ashburn, virginia,n the top spot. the magazine based its rankings on the number of time people search obscene wds on google. the words come from comedian george karlin's sketch, seven words you can never say on tv. last year's winner was herndon, virginia. it came in third this yer. sfwhafl do egg grade stamps really mean? are poinsettia plant toxic and why do police ride around with flashing lights all the time. >> our first question isrom paul. he wants to know what the grade stamps on eggs really mean? >> we checked with the u.s. department of agriculture for this answer. it says that grading for es is voluntary and does not necessarily guarantee the quality of an egg. the grade or the mark on the
4:33 pm
carton means that the eggs were check for signs, for color, for uncracked shells by a usda grader. their threeonsumer grades. aa, a, and b. grade aa eggs have whites that are tck and fuhrman airm and cl. grade a says they are reasonably firm. this is the grade most often sold in grocery stores. and finally, grade b eggs have whites that may be thickener and egg shells that may have been stained. they are normally used in liquid and frozen egg products. if you ever looked at a carton and that what does grade a mean? now you know. >> you never want a cracked shell, do you? >> no. >> our next question is from emily. she is wondering if the popular poinsettia plant is toxic to people and pets. >> we do hear this question every time.
4:34 pm
we found your answer at the american society of cruelty f animal and the society of florists. it said that ohio state university tested all parts of the popular plant and it concluded that it is nontoxic to both humans and pets. as with any nonfood product though, the poinsettia is not meant to be eaten and can cause varying degrees of discomfort. the aspca agrees and says, peep poinsettia plants out of the reach of young children and curiou pets. but the idea that it is poison, no, no, no. >> our final question is about police protocol here in washington. a viewer is wondering wh some d.c. police cruisers right around with lights flashing even though they're not heading to an emergency. >> so we went to the metropolitan police department for this answer. and it said that marked police cars operate with their overhead alternating lights when driving around the district to alert people of a police presence. these lights are different than the ones that turn on when a car is pulled over or there is an
4:35 pm
emergency. in this se, those are multiple rotang lights. however, when just driving around, some cars use the alternating flashing lights and some have a steady blue light. the tactic mkes police more readily recognizable and can help deter would be criminals. former police chief charles raey started this initiative. by the way, enough if you have a question would you like to send to ask liz, do send it. you can use this-mail address to contact us about any story or idea that you have. coming up, what's the difference between an lcd tv and a plasma tv? what that to the national couny. tree after the holiday season? and what is the best way to store coffee. >> that's a big tree to put by your curbside. >> no. you won't be recycling that. >> back to you. >> more to come at 4:00. the driver who survived a spectacular crash that sent his car airborne is telling his
4:36 pm
story. and the break of a case on a plan who preyed on sorority pledges.
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. an ohio man is lucky to be alive after a police dash cam caught this in august. 19-year-old brendon eden was
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traveling at speeds of me than 100 miles an hour. he lostontrol of the car and smashed into a pillar. he was tossed from the vehicle and months later, he says he doesn't remember much. >> i just remember driving regularly, the speed limit. just like anyone else. and that's the last i remember. i don't remember any speeding, crashing, nothing. >> h went weeks in intensive care and underwent several surgeries. he even had to learn how to walk again. more now on our 12 days of giving. artstream is a wonderful program that works to helps people with art. people dealing with illness and disability and loss. joining me now, mindy. an actor with artstream and nicolette stearns. how long have you been with artstream and what do you do?
4:40 pm
>> i've been artstream from the very beginning. which was with nicolette and any others. what do i do? i will start with classes. then we develop some -- >> improves. >> you're an actor. >> yes. >> and indiana you're a musician. >> yes. . >> what do you play? >> i play the cymbals and any others with a different organization than acting with artstream. >> in addition to your acting, do you write some of the plays? >> we all collaborate all together, yes. >> nicolette, how many clients does artstream serve?
4:41 pm
that's a gre question. we serve a lot of clients. we work with adults with dinlts, veterans with walter reid, so many kids in hospitals. we also serve their families. we work the counsellors. one of the great thing we've been doing is we have a film that we did callednight of glory. wee gone that route and now we're serving even more people because it makes it more accessible to folks. >> i understand you have a book. >> we do. we have a beautiful project called nights of glory. a fairytale. it is an interactive peaceful it became a film a a book and a cd. >> your work is healing. your work is inspiring and you need volunteers. >> we do, volunteers, donations, we want people to know we're here and we're accessible. >> nicolette stearns and j.p., i would love to see you on stage.
4:42 pm
i bet you're great. >> don't think of myself as an individual. i think of myself as being part of an ensemble. >> and you are. thank you so much. call our volunteers. >> i like that. part of an ensemble. >> new advice forreast cancer survivors. and trainer jillian michaels known for her tough love approach on biggest loser announces plans to leave the show.
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♪golden morning family's smiling♪ ♪gonna be a special day anncr: for the perfect start to the perfect day, i always choose land o'lakes all-natural eggs. from hens fed a rich, whole-grain diet with no added antibiotics or hormones. ♪pure and simple always natural♪ ♪our best eggs say land o'lakes♪
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land o'lakes all-natural eggs. where simple goodness begins. the nbc reality series biggest loser is losing jillian michaels. e plans to leave the show after season 11. that's when her contract is up. she made the announcement on her twitter account. she said s wants to take a
4:46 pm
year off tv to focu on starting a family and doing more charity work. the 36-year-d told women's health in may that she plans to become a mom through adoption. michaels took a brief absence from the biggest loser between 2006 and 2007. >> as dynamic as she is. >> what will the show be like without her? >> i know. >> oh, well. >> the show will go on. it is the contestants. >>i kno i know. turning to the weather. we have to brace ourselves for the weekend. >> and we have a lot to get through. not only with temrature and which direction they'll be going in, on which day, but also precipitation type. what will be coming into the area early sunday. then late sunday, early monday. let's get started here. outside we've got a gorgeous sunset. a few clouds right now. we hav been cearing out from this morning's weather system that came through here. sunsets today officially right now at 4:46. there's this morning's weather
4:47 pm
system. that little weather. now right around the area of eastern new jersey, you can see the clearing skies. ohio down through southern virginia. and southern west virginia as well as north carolina. th's the push into the area tonight. no precipitation. no rain, of course work clear skies coming in. andwe'll be falling off. we're in the 30s. upper 30s, takoma park at 38. largo and hyattsville at 30. then into bethesda, oakton, virginia, 36 degrees. again, for the weekend, more patches of whi. at least late sunday, early monday. we'll dip down below freezing and start the day with partly cloudy skies. we want to you focus on the temperatur the time is in the banner right next to th peacock. for tonight, below freezing. then early tomorrow morning, 25 to about 30 degrees. tomorrow, we're into t low to mid 40s across the area. now this is sunday. 2:00 a.m. the temperature, 41 degrees. by the time we get to 11:00 a.m., that's our high temperature for the day on
4:48 pm
sunday 50 to 55 degrees. then the front comes through and temperature start falling off. with the cold air coming i i think a sting to maybe one to two inchesof snow well to the western maryland. the dusting, that could be happening early on monday. for the monday morning rush. loudoun county, frederick county, too. temperatures below freezing. then we could get some more rain. a very cold week comingup and we'll see what happens. >> so our break comes with rain. >> oh, boy. coming up, a wholeot more ahead. some food for thought from researchers. can just imagining your favorite treat actually help you eat less of it? we'll hear what they have to say about that. and check this out. an unusual call for help. a woman dial 911 after a
4:49 pm
mysterious visitor ends up in her comm 3q copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now, i cajoin the fun and games with my grandchildren. great news! for people with copd, including chronic bronchitis,
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breast cancer patients shouldn't lift anything after surgery. there are concerns that lifting ything heavy can trigary
4:52 pm
painful swelling known as -- fluidsuild up in the arms. a new year one-year study found lifting weights is more beneficial than restricting arm movement. thinking about your favorite moved food may help you lose weight. that's news from a study release bid researchers at carnegie mellon university. what they did was tested the effects of mental imagery food consumption and they found, for example, when a person imagined eating 30 m & ms, ty actually ate fewer when they got a chanc to eat them. the experiment did not work when a person thought about a specific food. but ate a different food. so if you're trying to eat fewer french fries, for example, don't think about eating pizza. >> i'm always thinking about food. it doesn't work. >> we're going to trythis and see if it works. while you ponder that, we'll take a brk. an arrest in a case where someone pretended to be from a
4:53 pm
college sorority to contact pledges on facebook. ñ
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
> police have made a case involving a predator on face pook. he even demanded nude women's from the sorory and at times threatened violence.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: investigators say this is the man who did it. preyed on sorority girlsrom his home computer in key west. for ashley, it all started with a facebook chat. >> the first conversation was about two hours long and very thorough, in depth. >> reporter: about your life. >> they get you. >> reporter: she is a freshman at florida state university, an exciting time. she even got a bid to pledge kappa delta. a proper sorority. that facebook message was from a pretty girl claiming to be an older sorority sister who could help her with the pledging process. >> she said tell menything about you. what your personality is like. why you decided to join a sorority. how is your family life. how is high school. >> reporter: you're thinking this is real. >> definitely. no question in my mind. >> reporter: but soon the conversation took a weird turn. >> they asked me what color underwear i was wearing. and then they asked me to go even fther and ball them up
4:57 pm
d put them in my mouth to show i was below them. >> reporter: they want you to take a nude picture of yourself. you thought this was for the sorority. >> exactly. >> reporter: and igot scary. >> their they threatened to use my secret, th two girl were outside my dorm room that could come handle me. >> reporter: police say it was all a scam. she was aually chatting with mitchell hill, a 26-year-old man hundreds of mile away. now being charged with video voyeism. >> the "oday" show was instrumental in conjoining the efforts of all the law enforcement so weould work together to pool our resources to develop the suspect. >> reporter: investigators say hill targeted women at schools all over the southeast. fsu, the universit of florida, burn,he university of alabama, and lsu. >> i had words from the police that girl actually fully
4:58 pm
undressed themselves on skype for this person of they lured them in to go to that extent. a woman in edmond, oklahoma, found a beady eyed intruder in her bathroom. she went straight for the telephe and called 911. >> what's going on there, ma'am? >> i have some kind of an animal in the toilet in bathroom. >> like what does it look like? >> it looks gray. that's all i can tell you. i didn't look real good because it scared me to death. i'll sorry. >> does it smell like aat or something? >> no. my cat is in my office. behaving herself. >> the first officer on the scene saw right away that he was dealing with a squirrel. he immediately called for back-up. >> a small dog kennel. we shut the door and the squirrel jumped out of the toilet. after about five minutes of chasing him and him chasing us, finally caught him.
4:59 pm
he was one cold wet squirrel. happy to be freed. >> the officer set the squirrel free in the park across the street. lucky for that squirrel, no one knows how it got into the woman's toilet. police do speculate that maybe it crawled through the sewer drain. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. it's not exactly what thes drivers expected to see today. snow quickly blanketing some area roads, sending cars slipping and sliding and causing major tffic headaches. >> and good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim hanley. we start with the fsh flurries. we've come to expect the cold but snow is a different story. >> it caught some drivers off guard and julie cey is live with more on the first snow of the season.


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